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Besides writing great press releases, our media professionals will write – branch relevant articles to help boost your online presence.

writing-for-youImportant points to Consider:Today one can outsource article marketing to a lot of freelancers but beware, if you don´t engage professionals to do this, you might be the loser in the end!

Some people use article marketing mainly to generate many links from other sites pointing to their own website thinking this can help push up their search engine positions. But there's a big trouble with this: Articles are meant to be read, and if you're outsourcing to non-native speakers and non professionals especially if they don't understand your business, or the marketplace,  they can actually bring your credibility to the lowest ebb.This is not the way to build long-term success. So we recommend hiring quality writing when your effort is to generate credibility and long-term results. If you're just after links, then look to a link building service instead. This is much less expensive ... though I believe it has little or no value today ... and may even hurt your search engine efforts.

Our Article-Writing Rates
Our rates include research and revisions to ensure your satisfaction. They also include a free option of publishing it on our magazine or even using it as a press release.You have the choice and we will do the job!Order-now

Prices for
Short articles (up to 400 words):

1 Article: €70
3 Articles: €115 each
6 Articles: €95 each
Prices for
Long articles (400-800 words):

1 Article: €150
3 Articles: €250 each
6 Articles: €220 each